Why Google AdWords Works

Why Google AdWords Works

One of the best reasons why Google AdWords works is because Google is now a verb. It is synonymous with search. Search is synonymous with the internet. When people search for something, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Google, not Yahoo and typically not Bing.

And when people search through Google, the set of results is of course a paid ad, which is highly targeted to reach the right audience. Many people searching online often  click both the paid and the top organic links first. And some who actually look for a certain set of products will click only the ads. The paid ads are relevant to the searcher.  They are also targeted, which is why Google AdWords works.

Marketing Tool for Business

Like any marketing tool, Google AdWords works for people who know how to use it. With proper training and the correct choice of keywords for their business, Google AdWords can be extremely effective in increasing sales and converting customers. Unfortunately, Google AdWords has plenty of intricacies that users need to get used to.

Many actually doubt whether Google AdWords works, and are worried because of its bidding system that could cost a marketing fortune if not handled correctly. For example, if the keywords used are too broad or too restrictive. Companies may have to cough up some money for common exact keywords to ensure the appearance of their ads. Budgets need to be set aside enough to be effective and a good strategy to be successful.

Another reason why Google AdWords works is thanks to a very diligent marketing team or a dedicated person who daily monitors the tool and tracks spending, algorithm updates that can adversely affect current settings and conduct manual biddings.

Google Adwords Works

Google AdWords Works for companies who don’t rely solely on SEO. With regards to SEO, everyone wants the same thing. People sell the same stuff and could think of the same or better SEO techniques. Setting aside a budget for Google AdWords with the aforementioned requirements could mean better chances for clicks and sales.  Potentially up to 30% over organic searches from SEO. This is because SEO could take some time to bring results.

That’s technically a 30% loss for your own company if you don’t employ Google AdWords. Besides, SEO isn’t a 100% guarantee. Everyone is always going one-step ahead in that department, mostly those that cannot afford to use AdWords.

Google AdWords Works when search results return something more than once for your company on the same search result page. One ad and one blog post or even two ads. Users can be interested in either. BUT, for both AdWords, SEO efforts and the Ads themselves to bear fruit or convert into sales, the company of course needs to deliver.

The company needs to deliver the proper content which are enticing and engaging. The company needs to make a good impression with a clean, fast and beautiful website, landing page or ad. The ads and the keywords used need to be synchronized or must be relevant to avoid misleading internet users and avoid your site altogether. In Googler parlance, structure your accounts properly, be cautious in using dynamic keyword insertion, and if you must, perform re-marketing by giving cookies to site visitors.

In Conclusion

We know Google AdWords seem to ask a lot but nothing really comes easy especially with stiff competition who happen to be successful because they also use this platform, and to succeed, companies need to level the playing field. Google AdWords works because users know how to use it, because while SEO is also an online marketing solutions, it isn’t the only solution for web relevance.  Because of the diligence, persistence and of course a little bit of investment from its users, Adwords can definitely benefit your business.