Using Facebook Campaigns for Your Business

Using Facebook Campaigns for Your Business

Facebook campaigns are a lifesaver for many startups, and small to medium sized businesses. During a economic change, it can be an effective way to communicate to your audience, build value and trust around how you are helping people today.  Even large businesses advertise on Facebook.  They do this to communicate about their brand and what they offer to generate leads, get new visitors to their website and increase revenue.

Why is Facebook Effective?

Facebook campaigns are easy to manage and can easily reach the right users. And despite the interference of ads in user feeds, users still find themselves clicking those ads.  This is primarily due to their interest in various business products and services.  This provides Facebook with billions of dollars in revenue annually, and also helps businesses grow year over year.  This is because Facebook ads are often relevant to those that click on them. And thanks to Facebook groups and pages that group people based on their interests, Facebook ad campaigns help businesses easily find their niche.

How Can Businesses Use Facebook Campaigns to Grow Their Business?


1. Understand What Facebook Campaigns Are

First, you need to know what a campaign is, understand an ad set, and define what sort of ads you want to create and launch. A campaign is composed of one or more ad sets with a specific objective to choose. An ad set is a set of one or more ads for which targeting, budgeting, scheduling and bidding should be defined. And lastly, the ad itself compose of text, images, videos and call-to-action buttons.

2. Choose Your Objectives & Target Audience

Then you need to choose objectives for your Facebook campaigns.  Those objectives should match your actual goal. There are three types of objectives. Awareness, Consideration and Conversions. Below is a table of objectives as a guide.

Using Facebook Campaigns for Your Business

3. Delivery of the Ad for Your Facebook Campaigns

Next, you need to determine how your ads get delivered.  Then, you need to schedule them. The user gets to control the schedule on when the ads get delivered. But the ads need to be reviewed and approved first by the Facebook team.  This can take up to 48 hours to approve.

Using Facebook Campaigns for Your Business4. Determine Your Ad Budget

And lastly, determine your ad budget. Advertising on Facebook is relatively inexpensive. Facebook allows as low as $1 a day for impressions, $5 per day on engagements and $40 per day for claims, app installs and events. Businesses are also allowed to set budgets for their Facebook campaigns. Facebook first requires a minimum budget to run your campaigns.  Then you will be given a choice between two types of budgets:

Daily Budget – a set daily budget will be spent by Facebook when airing your ads for a given week. The budget may go over as the Facebook Team or AI determines the best days an ad can air and will taper the daily amount on a determined slow day.

Lifetime Budget – the lifetime budget works the same way but will also be divided on the number of days of the campaign’s run.  It could be more or less than a week. The lifetime budget however will not try to follow a close average like it is on the Daily Budget.  This means that Facebook could spent an amount above 25% of the daily average (if it determines a maximum audience for a given day(s)).

In Conclusion

By experience, Facebook ad campaigns work very well when properly set, and there are a lot of resources and services that can help get ad campaigns setup and activated. Facebook ads can be an affordable and effective way to communicate to your audience, build value around your services, and get people to engage and learn more about your offerings.