The Negative Impact Of Unsecured Websites

Lesson On Go Daddys Experience:
Today’s modern world loves the presence of the Internet. The Web, without doubt, has opened a universe of opportunities and possibilities to users on the planet. Bridging gaps and simplifying even the most complicated chores for most people, the Web has been embraced by numerous individuals as a gift to mankind. Despite its reputation though, the Web remains a place filled with dangers. In fact, the virtual market space remains vulnerable to the attacks of web scammers and cyber criminals.
This notion is echoed again when Go Daddy, one of the largest providers of domain hosting and DNS services in America, was taken down by an anonymous hacker. Sadly, the newsworthy hacking against Go Daddy’s network has affected probably thousands or millions of websites serviced by Go Daddy. The DNS and hosting provider, thanks to its twitter account, supplied updates from time to time, putting up with the acknowledgment of incident in the morning. The official Twitter account of the company cited its persistent attempt to put things under control, pacifying from time to time the growls of website owners affected by the sudden attack.
Interestingly, a Brazilian-based account, through Twitter, claimed responsibility for the incident. Using the account name AnonymousOwn3r, the hacker admitted his involvement in the crash of Go Daddy and its client websites. The account owner even boasted that implementing security breach was not so complex.
Hacking seems get a lot of attention lately, especially now that dishonest tech enthusiasts are engaging in the habit of disrupting online business operations and finding potential website victims. Go Daddy’s bad experience only proves how Internet brands and company sites ought to be advocates of enhanced web security.
Formidable online security against scams, frauds and hacks is necessary for any online business. If you want to have your site completely secured from probable hacker attacks, collaborate with a professional web development company that specialises in having websites protected at all times. Competent and extremely talented web developers can find the loopholes in your company website and strengthen these weak areas.