How to Use Storytelling in Marketing


How to Use Storytelling in Marketing


Storytelling is one of those new buzz words in marketing and among creatives. It’s not enough to just promote your product. You need to give the public a reason to follow your brand, show them the personality of your brand. The best way to do this is through storytelling.


The art of storytelling within marketing doesn’t stop there though. Your company not only needs a personality, but a persona as a whole. Your target market should feel like your values align with their own. They should feel welcome and included, not intimidated. One of the main reasons people stop following a brand is because they are embarrassed by it. Do not fall into this category! Create a story that people would be happy to support. Whether it’s humorous, giving, kindly sarcastic, it doesn’t matter, just choose what fits best for your brand. In the end, a great story will result in people wanting to share it with others.

With this in mind, here are some ways to best tell your story.

How to Use Storytelling in Marketing

  1. Telling a personal/local story
  2. Supporting a specific charity, organization or cause
  3. Focusing on user generated content
  4. Letting people go behind the scenes
  5. Having a ‘red thread’ throughout each campaign


Personal/local story

First, share a story about somebody who is inspiring within your community or audience. Maybe it’s a success story or maybe it’s an inspirational story, either way people will be intrigued by your brand. It’s typical to hear the stories of celebrities or actors/actresses, but when it’s just another person like you or I, people will connect with it more. Local stories also show the community that you still pay attention and are proud of where your company is based.


People love to know that their money is going to a good cause and charities always pull on the emotional heartstrings. It’s also an all-around good thing to do. However, just make sure that the values of the cause are directly aligned with your company’s. Once a connection is made, people will associate you with the charity and therefore they will become a company stakeholder.

User Generated Content

This is similar to the first idea, but is more particular to social media. Do not always post branded images. Highlight your customer’s images and show how they use your product. Once again this technique shows that your brand tells the story of everyone. In addition, it is a great marketing tactic, as customers will be motivated to be featured on your account. The only thing to remember is first ask permission for the usage of their material and respect them if they say no.

Behind the scenes

Sneak peaks and behind the scenes look into your company show customers a sense of realness. They will feel like they are another member of the team. It is also a great way to show to people you are not hiding anything and have open arms to the public. Create a story that shows your target market you are a brand that can be trusted.

Red thread

The basis of all marketing campaigns should always have some underlying similarity. Within campaigns and among them, there should not be drastic differences in your stories values and morals. Also, always keep the same tone and voice throughout your campaigns to create consistency. Inconsistency will create doubt and mistrust from your audience.