SEO Techniques to Refresh Your Website

SEO Techniques to Refresh Your Website

SEO techniques and rules can change over time. Your website may have enjoyed a good SEO ranking for a while, but that’s no reason to be lax regarding SEO maintenance. The dynamic nature of SEO means that webmasters need to constantly refresh and update their websites from time to time.

It’s not just about SEO rules and techniques. It’s also about competition because other websites of your company’s same business also vie for higher rankings and can easily equal or surpass your search rankings. Therefore, it’s important to stay on your toes so here are some SEO techniques to refresh your website.

Updating keywords

Over the years, terminologies have changed.  Jargons are updated, and there are new buzzwords. By now you should be more aware of trending hashtags.  All of which should be constantly monitored. Keywords you used a few years ago probably hardly matters now.  Now, webmasters need to be always on the alert for new terms that refer to your business. In IT Services, for example, a coder/coding used to be called programmer/computer programming.  Then, the term shifted to developer/software development.  And lately, programmers are referred to as coders. Keyword updates is the most important to consider among SEO techniques when refreshing your website.

Natural Incorporation of Keywords

The incorporation of keywords to improve search rankings made up for some interesting, if not horrific stories in the late 90s and early 2000s. Many websites were just outright garbage due to keyword stuffing. Just because some words are trending, they’re stuffed well into unrelated websites in order to sell something or just to increase the number of visits (another requirement for good SEO). But with better Artificial Intelligence (AI), Google and other services can now detect whether or not keywords are incorporated naturally into articles. The more natural keywords are used, the better the rank.

SEO Techniques to Refresh Your WebsiteBacklinks

Backlinks is one of several important SEO techniques you’ll need to look back to. The more websites point or refer to your website, the better your chances.  Plus, chances are, some of your backlinks are already dead. Because websites come and go, domains live and die or get converted to something else. You’ll need to monitor your backlinks and replace those that are gone.  As well, create more through new websites related to your business.

Plus, there are also social media backlinks. Google and other search engines count backlinks from social media as well.  In fact, the majority of today’s backlinks come from social media. If you still haven’t taken advantage of social media, you are already very late in the game. It’s also not enough to create your own social media accounts.  You’ll need to reach out to bloggers and influencers, and ask for backlink from other websites.

Other SEO Techniques

Speaking of dead backlinks, it’s important for your website to remove broken links.  This is because they affect the user experience and could even erode your site’s credibility.

Credibility factors into SEO as well. Scour your website from time to time and scrub those dead links. There’s also internal links. Create more of them. Crawlers count the active links within your websites.  Even those that link to you own pages.  They use those links to find new content and your all-important keywords.

Lastly, create more and more content. Because the more content you create, the more keywords you can incorporate. And content is the easiest most effective way in updating your website.  Even if your website is static in nature, you can simply update your content and post updates regarding your company, your production, events and updates regarding the industry your company is engaged in.