Search Engine Optimization Explained

For search engine optimization companies, knowing the release dates of these major Google updates and upgrades can help explain the variances in rankings and organic online traffic and ultimately allow for a proactive improvement in search engine optimization and marketing efforts.

What to expect from a search engine optimization company? An experienced and responsive team that can tackle different challenges? A partner that is able to add some value to your online marketing function? Yes, all the above but more importantly… a company that is at the forefront of the continued changes, updates and upgrades not just in Google’s technology but the various searching engines that have a market share.

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What is The Goal of Good Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put, the goal is to get your business / website onto the first page of Google.  That’s where all the traffic and leads are generated because it is customary for people search on this first page results and rarely get up to the 10th page.

Here are some statistics:

  • The #1 position in the search engine rankings get 40% of the clicks
  • The #2 position in the search engine rankings get 14% of the clicks
  • The #3 position in the search engine rankings get 9% of all the clicks
  • Lower than #3 rankings, get all the rest, which is in the single digits…

Additionally, it has been shown that for your potential customers who are searching for local business services online, over 60% of them make the decision to buy during that search!

In our day and age, businesses have a paramount business obligation to have an excellent exposure on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.

How Do You Boost Your Search Engine Position?

To boost your search engine position, you need to have a strong foundation in two major areas:

  1. Authority
  2. Relevance

The search engines, including Google look at both factors to determine what website they will “serve up” when someone enters a keyword like “Los Angeles corporate lawyer”, “business law”, “local dentist” or “how to lose weight”. Every time a person enters any of these keywords into the search box, the search engine (and Google is certainly the most advanced at it presently) browse the web to serve up the website page with the content they deem to be most relevant and authoritative for this particular search.



Since you have gotten this far in your research, we will assume that you have heard of the most important part of SEO; “off page SEO” which pertains to the authority aspect. This is obviously successful business concentrate a great deal of their SEO efforts. When the search engines find lots of relevant, for example many authoritative links coming from other websites preferably in the same industry to your website, then it considers those links that your website is an authority on that subject.


To gain relevance for your website, the content on your website needs to be related to the search terms or keywords your potential customers are entering into the search box. In so doing, creating a website that uses certain tools like sitemaps and tags, as well as multiple other ways in which to facilitate the Google “bots and spiders” to easily find and then categorize all the information contained on your website. The content on your website must be easily found, but it must be relevant to the search engine queries your customers enter.

To address this area, the primary approach is “on-page SEO.”  This SEO task impacts about a fifth of your search engine rankings.

Here at Quinn Tech Consulting, we know that not every client is the same and that every client needs different service. We provide our clients with various search engine marketing services in order to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for an ongoing integrated search engine marketing campaign or consultancy regarding search engine optimization; we are always here to help you out. We want to make sure that our clients receive bespoke services that suit their needs. Quinn Tech Consulting provides Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services in order to accommodate Google’s algorithm evolution.

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We offer our clients with a complete integrated approach to search engine marketing. Our approach keeps in view the bigger picture so that we can exceed your business requirements. Pay-per-click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advertising are known to be the two main disciplines of Search Engine Marketing.

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