Quick Tips to Grow Business Online

Quick Tips for Business Growth

Did You Know 63% of Businesses Top Challenge is Generating Traffic and Leads?

Source:  State of the Inbound 2016

Even with the advent of technology, this is still one of the main challenges that all businesses have today.  Growing a business can be even harder and more stressful than raising children or keeping a relationship!   Believe it?  It certainly takes some work, willpower and patience.

Growing your business can sometimes feel much more difficult than it really is. We tend to overthink our moves and strategies or complicate the production process.  Doing so can certainly have negative effects.  The good news, there is hope.  Below are some quick tips to grow business online, and help you through the hectic journey.


Quick Tips to Grow Business Online


Quick Tip #1:  Know What You Can and Can’t Do – Delegate

Quick Tips to Grow Business Online

The first and most important thing to be aware of is what you can and can’t do as a business.  This means make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and create a team to accommodate these skill sets.  This way, you can allocate time in efficient ways, and delegate accordingly.

It is a big mistake to take on products or services all on your own, and that are far beyond your reach.  This can often lead to burn out, and ultimately your downfall.

Your ability to focus on what needs to be done and by whom, will determine just how successful your business is going to be.


Quick Tip #2: Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

Quick Tips to Grow Business Online


Your brand is the identity of your business to the outside world and focusing on building a very strong brand will help immensely in growing your business. Business in today’s markets needs to create memories for customers so that they will come back and recommend others to do the same.

It is easier to hold onto existing customers than to capture new ones. This is why you have to focus on giving your customers something that they cannot get anywhere else.  Think about your unique selling proposition and find ways to create customer experiences to build retention and humanize your brand.

Throw in a little extra incentive as part of your product or service and this will improve your brand. Create an emotional attachment between your product or service and your customers as that connection will translate into sustainable growth for your business.

When it comes to applying quick tips to grow business online, another important part of your brand strategy is knowing your target audience and what they want. Ensure that you connect with the general public and form a relationship with them. You do this by creating great user experiences on your website, social media profiles and within any Apps.  This is a way of forming an emotional link with your customers. Do not stop there.  Go out and inspire your target audience!  Your brand will have to be inspirational or influential before people will start paying real attention to it.

Lastly, ensure that your employees and co-workers at each level are in sync with the ideology and vision of your brand. This is a way to reinforce your brand and its image.

Quick Tip #3: Your Sales Are Very Important

Quick Tips to Grow Business Online

By creating a unique product or service doesn’t mean your business will be a success. One of our quick tips to grow business online is that you have to sell repeatedly to ensure that your business reaches the required goal. For you to know that your business is moving well, you should be able to add personnel who are sales leaders or who have the same enthusiasm about the business as you.

There are a few key ares of sales to focus on.  Customer acquisition, customer retention, and sales conversion.  Always find ways to improve upon these areas, and keep in mind that as your conversion rate increases, so do your revenue stream.  Make sure that your customer gets the right product or service at the right time and right place. This will make them satisfied and thus repeat customers.

Quick Tip #4:  Use Technology to Your Advantage

Quick Tips to Grow Business Online


The business world has been made very easy with the advent of technology.  Data is everywhere, and it is important to find ways to leverage this to your advantage, especially as you innovate. In order to grow your business, you will have to reach a wider set of people, and find ways to do this at personal levels.  This means finding out your customer likes, dislike, hobbies, what online sites do they spend time on?  The list goes on.  By using tools such as, Conversant Media, it will help your business understand and collect customer data, so that you can better connect with them.

Other ways of connecting to your audience is to have a website and social media presence.  Social media has become the biggest marketplace in the world, and advertising your products or services there will be very beneficial for you. You can also have a website or a mobile app that will make it easy for customers to reach your services very easily.

All of the above-listed points are designed to ensure that you grow your business profitably from scratch.


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