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How Search Engine Algorithms Grow Your Business

What are Search Engine Algorithms and how can they help grow your business?

Search engine algorithms are basically a set of rules or a formula that search engines such as Google and Bing use to determine the top search results. These results will appear on the search engine based on keywords provided by the user. An example of a search engine algorithm is Google’s PageRank, named after one of Google’s founders Larry Page. Algorithms are constantly changed or updated by Google. They disclose most of their search engine algorithm rules so that you can adapt your web pages, keeping at the top of search results. And being on top is what any business should keep in mind if they want growth.

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a core concept of website development thanks to search engine algorithms. SEO means that websites need to follow the rules given by search engine algorithms in order to ensure that they appear aw the top result. In addition, this is whether or not they engage in payment transactions to a certain search engine such as Google. For example, to grow your business keywords related to your website need to appear somewhere on your pages like the header, the title or the body. Those keywords need to appear a certain number of times in various sections of your content including images. Above all, website designers and content producers who are also experts in SEO need to become your best friends.

search engine algorithms

Search engine algorithms of different companies

Search engine companies make use of programs called crawlers or spiders to index the contents of the web. These accumulated indices are what go through people’s keywords on search engines. How these crawlers go through accessible web pages depend on how or whether SEO is being implemented.

Below are search engine algorithms of the most popular search engines:

  • Google PageRank – this is the search engine algorithm mostly followed by webmasters for their SEO. In other words, they have basically corned the market for search. Essentially, Google is almost unavoidable. Google has become the verbal equivalent of the word search. Thus most websites’ SEO’s are based on PageRank rules. PageRank is the most widely worked-on or tweaked search engine algorithm. Its rules are updated periodically and taken in mind by SEO experts. Knowing and hiring these SEO experts is key for any company who wants to grow their business.
  • DuckDuckGo – does not have a name for its privacy-centric search engine algorithm. In fact, they do not collect user data such as location and IP address.Essentially, their searches are generic. Therefore, the results for a certain set of keywords are the same for whoever and wherever the keywords are entered. They pull their results from over 400 sources including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Yelp. So whatever works for Google should work for DuckDuckGo. Why is DuckDucjGo important? Some people will not make use of Google out of privacy concerns.

search engine algorithms

  • Microsoft Space Partition Tree and Graph (SPTAG) – this is an open source search engine algorithm used by Microsoft’s Bing. The rules are published by Microsoft or SPTAG can also be gleaned through its source code by SEO experts. If you want maximum exposure for your business, you should take note of this algorithm’s rules for your site’s SEO.
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