Google’s New Smart Content Strategy: SEO Articles Made Better

Search engine optimisation or SEO is among the top website marketing strategies nowadays. Despite its global prevalence with thousands of firms offering SEO service including SEO Singapore companies, not one can claim to be the first. Does the first or the best ultimately matters?SEO evolved on its own and through the years. This evolution is largely due to search engine algorithm changes. Around two years ago, Google’s Caffeine algorithm cleaned the web of sites that dominated the search results in absolute speed, as though having caffeine rush. Most of these websites bought backlinks to get them to the top.  Within the years to follow, Google presented Panda, which now focused on fresh content. Just last February, Google Panda 3.3 saw a number of websites drop from Google’s radar if their only source of content was networked blogs as well as other low quality sources.Google Wants Not Just New But Smart ContentAlthough it could appear that Google is killing SEO particularly since it has its PPC Adwords; this isn’t the case. Google is about search. Moreover Google will not self-destruct by elliminating organic search, which is what is gamed by search engine optimisers. Google just focuses on providing its users related, high quality information, thus its new direction on smart content strategy.SEOs have to make a paradigm shift on how they write down content. It was that optimized content is keyword-based and keyword-focused. In this way, the content is more for the Google spiders and not for human readers. One must write down content for readers and not just crawlers.A Writers Guide: SEO And Smart Content StrategySEO content writers now have a very good levelling up to do. Whereas historically they write around keywords that will be used to optimize the website, smart content is about writing for readers instead keywords. It is about providing information which readers will gain personal benefit from. And then, SEO content writers need to skillfully weave the search phrases in to optimize the content.This is excellent news for SEO industry on the whole. It is raising the bar on the quality of services and of professionals behind an SEO team. There had been a time when just about anyone who can piece two to three texts together can become an SEO writer. Now, traditional writers who top up their skills with optimization knowledge are joining many SEO organizations writing for the new and rising media.All these is making the worldwide web a cleaner space for free information exchange, and the impact to empowering lives, propelling global business, and creating a borderless society is immeasurable.