Freelance Media Solutions Offers Affordable Copywriting Services For Small Businesses And Ad Agencies

Freelance Media Solutions Offers Affordable Copywriting Services For Small Businesses And Ad Agencies

Freelance Media Solutions provides premium copywriting services at affordable rates. FMS primarily focuses on writing press releases, blog posts, and website copy. To find out more about their services we sat down with Amanda Ghosh, the Founder of Freelance Media Solutions:


Q: Amanda, what do you like most about being a copywriter?

A: I enjoy telling a story with words. Translating a brand or a creative vision into words is exciting to me. I sometimes joke that I feel like a graphic designer of words since I’m constantly churning a business’s personality into text. It’s a creative pursuit, like a designer, you have to be in that artistic space where you can get a feel for the client’s vision and execute it.

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Q: How would you describe your brand?

A: “Copywriting done right with talent, professional, and courtesy.” I use that phrase on my website and my business cards. First, you need to offer a top-notch product. I spend a lot of time researching, drafting, writing, and editing. This allows me to write quality copy. I’m also constantly seeking out opportunities to learn more about digital marketing. This helps me to stay current, and as a result, I’m able to adjust to changes in internet marketing practices. I also think a business should offer their clients a relationship. My clients aren’t just clients to me. They’re people I care about. If you treat people well, then you’ll be treated well in return.

Q: What are your most popular services?

A: I’d have to say I write a lot of press releases. I write a fair number of blog posts and product descriptions. And, I also do a bit of website copy.

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Q: Website copywriting is expensive anywhere you look these days. How can small businesses afford it?

A: When you look at web copy, or the words on your website, from a value-based perspective, the expense is justified. Your website is a silent salesman and it has to persuade visitors to do what you want them to do. So, if you make $60,000 dollars from sales through your website, the few thousand it took to create the content that brought in those sales is worth it. Website copywriting is usually a one-time cost. It helps to consider the fact that the content on your site will generate income for years to come.

That being said, small businesses don’t have the budget of a Fortune 500 company. I empathize with that. To assist small-scale entrepreneurs, I offer my website copywriting (includes SEO) services on a sliding scale. Smaller businesses with smaller budgets pay less because it’s what they can afford. The quality I provide doesn’t change, but most of the time small businesses don’t need 15+ pages of copy, and so the cost is balanced out for me. I haven’t seen any other copywriters who offer this to small businesses. It’s something that makes my services unique and I highly encourage businesses to take advantage.

Q: Do you have any specific clients you’d like to write for in the future?

A: Well, right now I do a lot of business with ad agencies and marketing companies. I also work with small businesses and do some corporate blogging. I enjoy writing for these types of clients and will definitely continue to do so.

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