8 Tools to Master SEO

8 Tools to Master SEO

As we’ve mentioned before, SEO can take some time to fully comprehend. However we’re sure you have started to get an acceptable grasp on what search engine optimization is and how to best use it on your own website. Perhaps, you have already made some adjustments to better your Google ranking. This would of course explain the increase in engagement and audience you may be receiving!

Now that you have a background on the topic, we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite tools to use for tracking and deciding which keywords are best for your company. Not only does every industry have their own set of terminology and popular keywords, but also, these terms can change based on what is currently trending. This is exactly why, when it comes to content and SEO, posting new and unique material is vital.

This is where the tools come into play. How are you supposed to know what’s trending, how your current website is ranking and how your competitors are doing? Each tool listed below specializes in these aspects and will help you finally master the difficult task of SEO.


Top 8 Tools to Master SEO




Google Search Console

Google Trends

Yoast Word Press



  1. Woorank

    Woorank has a variety of features. Most notably, they will analyze your website highlighting which areas have errors and how they could be improved in terms of SEO. If you have difficulty with competitors always ranking ahead of you, Woorank does an analysis on which keywords they are focusing on, so your company can get back on the same playing field.

  2. SEMRush

    SEMRush is great for organic research and advertisement research. They can not only track ranking on Google, but also let you compare competitor ads. The main goal of this is to see which companies are using the same keywords as you or which words you could be using but are not. They also display results in a visually attractive way.

  3. Ahrefs

    This website is your go-to for checking backlinks. You can analyze your own links to ensure they work and check which sites are linking to your competitors and not yours. They also will do a variety of other tasks including traffic research and domain comparison.

  4. Google Search Console

    This is an essential tool to run on your website. It will analyze three important components: clicks from Google search, critical errors and if your website is understandable to Google.

  5. Google Trends

    This is where the idea of always stay on top of trending topics can be solved through the use of a tool. Google trends will show you a comprehensive list of trending stories. It also allows you to search trends and get information based on location. If you are ever in need of interesting and engaging material, this is the place to go.

  6. Yoast WordPress

    Yoast is a great tool to add as a plug-in on WordPress. It will go through as you write a post, analyzing the readability and SEO performance. The tool will then give you a ranking and offer suggestions on how you can fix your content to better optimize the post.

  7. Nibbler

    Nibbler is the tool for a quick and easy overview of your entire website and brand. Get a ranking out of 10 and suggestions of how to improve any aspect. Nibbler also checks your social media for you which is a great feature to include.

  8. Ubersuggest

    This tool can be used when you are in the need for new keywords. Whether you are starting a new campaign or you want to simply improve your current key words, ubersuggest will help you tremendously.


We hope you find these tools useful in assisting your ability to master SEO. Are there any tools that you use, that we missed? Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!