3 Ways to Make Social Media Costs Effective

social media costs

Three Ways in Making Social Media Costs Effective

Effective social media promotion or marketing isn’t free. Surprised? Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter have corresponding social media costs if you really want maximum exposure for your business. Twitter, for example, is not to be underestimated. Still with millions of active and rather passionate users, it offers several ways to promote your business or brand. As a marketing professional or a small business owner, it’s important to know that social media is your friend, that promoting through them could cost you, and more importantly, how to make those social media costs effective.

Here are several ways on how you can do it:

1) Know the most effective platform and concentrate your social media costs there.

Whatever your business, it pays to be on every social media platform. You don’t need to pay for all of them. A simple profile and occasional presence will still work. But, with that said, some platforms are better than others.

What exactly is your target audience? If your target demographic includes teenagers, you ought to be concentrating in Snapchat and TikTok. Especially, since Facebook is sometimes referred to as the ‘old people network’. But if you’re a company targeting more of a baby boomer audience, then you probably want to have an active profile on Facebook. If you’re into the manpower business, much of your social media costs should be spent on LinkedIn Premium.

social media costs

2) Create interesting and compelling content.

Your content can be anything. A slogan, a blurb, an article, a picture, a meme, a video or an ad, depending on your business. Your content has to be interesting or compelling enough to be noticed. If done right and with proper timing, anything can go viral or begin trending. That’s all that any marketer or business can ask for. Creating content is sometimes not easy, and can cost a fortune, especially in the case of ads. Then there’s disseminating those ads in the right platform. Or it could be the other way around. Depending on the platform(s) you’ve chosen, you can design your content for it. But what’s also important is that the content fits with whatever strategy or goal you have in mind, such as brand recognition or increasing revenue.

social media costs

3) The Right Tools

The right tools include the content creation tools and equipment, the social media platform itself, their respective tools/apps, as well as the right accounts. There are plenty of great tools out there that could help in your social media presence such as HootSuite for Twitter. If you could get away with free tools such as TweetDeck, all the better. But it’s still hard to get much when you don’t spend much. Facebook offers free business pages, but also offers to boost them for affordable prices, which can increase exposure and create more brand awareness. This, in turn, can be quite cost effective and a great way to grow your business. Boosting, depending on the amount spent, can offer exponential results depending on your product and your target audience.