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Looking for a Santa Monica company?

You’re in the right place! Because we might be the perfect fit for your company.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a marketing company, and our efforts help drive organic search traffic to your website. It is the best and most often the least expensive online marketing tactic to provide solid ROI because it sends you qualified traffic and leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no question when someone searches “Santa Monica SEO”, that they are looking for an SEO company in Santa Monica. Unlike paid advertising which will plateau over time, with SEO there is unlimited growth potential.

Who Are We?

Quinn Tech Consulting SEO was founded here in Los Angeles as a nationally recognized SEO company. Our work has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, and many other prominent publications.

Why You Should Work With Quinn Tech Consulting SEO

With a plethora of marketing and SEO firms to choose from, we pride ourselves on being different than the competition.

Here’s how:

  1. We Use SEO to Grow Our Business!

We “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. That’s why we rely on SEO to grow our own business. 99% of our leads come directly from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We don’t just say we know SEO, we demonstrate it.

  1. We Have Real Results & Testimonials

There are lots of companies that say they are good, but we have the results, and testimonials to prove it.

  1. We Specialize in SEO

You have probably seen it already, but almost every “SEO company” also offers a slew of other services like web design, PPC, web hosting, etc. We pride ourselves on not being the Costco of digital marketing services. While we offer expertise in other services to compliment our SEO strategy, our primary focused on SEO and getting your business SEO results. That means we live, eat, and breathe it on a daily basis.

Would you hire a mechanic to help you fix your electricity?

Of course you wouldn’t. You would hire a personal trainer who specializes in helping people lose weight.

A jack of all trades is average at all things.

  1. We Use a Proven System

We don’t theorize or hope for SEO results. We use a tested, well-oiled strategy for getting SEO results on a consistent basis. The best part of our strategy is that it doesn’t “manipulate” or try to chase algorithms. We stay on top of the changing tactics top search engines deploy.

  1. We Believe You Must Give to Receive

Our SEO campaigns are successful because we believe that businesses deserve to get organic traffic. Manipulating your way to SEO success will send your business crashing and burning. That’s why we focus our efforts on evergreen SEO strategies. With an evergreen approach, your business will continue to flourish long after we are done working with you. We truly believe that the more value you put into the marketplace, the more value your business will receive in return. That’s what Google loves. When you do things that Google loves, it rewards your business with search engine traffic.

  1. We Love Communication

We understand that clear communication is essential for both our relationship with you and for achieving your strategic objectives. That’s why our communication policy is “frequent and often” with high touch points. We are your team and we are in this together. Your growth means everything to us.


Our Strategy

Our SEO strategy is content-driven. Here’s how the process looks:


The first thing we do is audit your website, your link profile, and your competitors. This gives us the intel we need to prioritize action items for your campaign.


After we find issues, we go through and fix them.


At this stage, we use over 35 different ways to find keywords and content ideas.


During the development stage, we create beautiful content assets for your business that we will be promoting throughout your campaign.


We use our optimization tactics to place your keywords in strategic locations and add elements to your page that makes it more trustworthy and higher quality.


Other than creating content, our promotion stage is our largest component. At this stage will find link opportunities, perform outreach, and land you backlinks on relevant websites. This stage is the “fuel” you need to drive organic search growth.

Contact Us to Get Professional Comprehensive SEO Services

We are accepting a limited amount of new clients.

We invite your company to review our short list of criteria for full service SEO:

  • You must have an established company
  • Your company must be willing to invest at minimum $900/month in growing your organic search traffic for 6 months or more
  • Your company can’t operate in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, gambling, or adult
  • Your company can’t have any algorithmic or manual actions against your website

If your company meets this criteria and you would like the opportunity to grow your organic search traffic, then please contact us .