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A trusted Information Technology partner with a successful 21 year track record of performance in Southern California. Quality IT support services and experts at solving and troubleshooting problems for any computer hardware, software, or networking issues.

IT Support Services

Your one-stop repair solution for computers, laptops, phones and other devices of all kinds.

Computer Services & Support

Comprehensive computer repair, optimization, and support for your business or home office. Keep your technology running at its best.

Maximize your technology’s efficiency with our expert computer services, from troubleshooting to custom solutions.

Computer Network Support

Optimize your network infrastructure for reliable connectivity and performance. Get fast, professional network support.

Ensure smooth network operations for your business. We provide expertise in troubleshooting, upgrades, and network design.

Computer Maintenance, Repairs & Recovery

Proactive computer maintenance to prevent issues, expert repairs when needed, and data recovery services for peace of mind.

Keep your computer systems healthy with our maintenance plans. We offer repairs and data recovery when problems arise.

Computer Troubleshooting

Pinpoint and resolve computer issues quickly and effectively. Don’t let tech problems slow you down.

Experienced diagnostics and troubleshooting for your computer problems. We’ll get to the root of the issue efficiently.

Hard Drive, Memory & Computer Upgrades

Boost your computer’s performance with hardware upgrades. Expert installation of hard drives, memory, and more.

Elevate your system’s capabilities. We offer strategic hardware upgrades tailored to your specific needs.

IT Management

Streamline your IT operations with proactive management and support. Minimize downtime and improve efficiency.

Focus on your business growth while we handle your IT needs. Tailored IT management solutions for optimal performance.

Local IT Support

On-site IT support for businesses and home offices. Resolve tech issues efficiently with a local expert.

Your trusted IT partner. We offer personalized IT support, tailored to your business or home office needs.

Email setup

Get your email configured seamlessly across devices. Setup, troubleshooting and expert migration assistance.

Manage your email with ease. We provide expert email setup, synchronization, and support services.

Virus Removal

Protect your valuable data. Comprehensive virus removal, security assessment, and prevention solutions.

Don’t let malware compromise your systems. We provide robust virus removal and ongoing protection strategies.

Laptop Services

Keep your laptop functioning at its best. We offer repairs, upgrades, and optimization services.

Specialized laptop solutions tailored to your needs. From performance issues to hardware replacements.

Cloud Backups & Services

Safeguard your critical data with secure cloud backup solutions. Protect your work, even in case of disasters.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence. We provide cloud backup and service implementation for easy access and enhanced security.

Internet LAN & wireless

Establish reliable wired and wireless internet for your business or home. Fast setup and optimization services.

Get connected with robust internet solutions. We design, install, and manage both wired and wireless networks.

Data recovery

Expert data recovery for lost or corrupted files. Protect your business-critical information or cherished memories.

Minimize the impact of data loss. We offer advanced data recovery solutions when accidents happen.

Server Administration

Maintain optimal server performance and uptime. Our experts ensure stability and security for your critical systems.

Protect your business data with professional server administration. We handle monitoring, updates, and security.

Remote Setup & Access

Securely configure remote tools for your devices. Work from anywhere with convenient remote access.

Increase flexibility with remote solutions. We’ll set up remote access and provide support for easy on-the-go connectivity.

Free Diagnostics

Our technicians begin by conducting a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the exact cause of the malfunction in your computer system. Upon identifying the root issue, they will provide a detailed explanation of the problem and present various repair solutions, including estimated costs and completion times. Once you authorize the repair, our technicians will commence the service promptly and efficiently.

Expert Service

Rest assured, your device is in expert care. Our experienced technicians possess in-depth knowledge of diverse computer brands, including Dell and HP, enabling them to diagnose and resolve various hardware components such as cooling systems, displays, connectivity ports, and batteries. Throughout the repair process, you will receive consistent updates on the status of your computer, PC, or laptop, ensuring transparency and timely service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

John F.
Los Angeles, CA
Repair, Upgrade or Troubleshoot Computers
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"Great work and upgrades. Runs like a swiss clock. Highly recommend!"
James C.
Redondo Beach, CA
Repair, Upgrade or Troubleshoot Computers
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"Alex was extraordinarily friendly and kind in helping you to feel comfortable with your lack of knowledge prior to his first appointment with you."
David R.
Encino, CA
Repair, Upgrade or Troubleshoot Computers
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"He had a good rate, he was personable, he did a great job on my computer and was quick."
Gilbert M.
Santa Monica, CA
Install, Upgrade or Repair Computer Network or Wiring
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"We have worked with Quinn Tech Co for several years and continue working with them. They help us with our Website Development https://giltronicsassociates.com/, SEO, website content writing and all technology needs including on-going IT Support, laptop support, remote access setup. On-site data backup. We are very happy with their customer service and prompt response regardless of day and time."
Aaron L.
Redondo Beach, CA
Repair, Upgrade or Troubleshoot Computers
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"It was the best service I have had in a long time. Computer repair, troubleshoot, fan replacement, anti virus setup and clean and variety of software improvements. He comes recommended."
Christina P.
Van Nuys, CA
Install, Upgrade or Repair Computer Network or Wiring
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"Quinn Tech has been amazing from the start! They set up our entire network system, and server. They even designed an amazing web domain for us! I should mention they also helped set us up for all company laptops, cell phones, tablets and any needed wireless devices to help run our company! Their I.T. Department is user friendly and timely when we have needed them. I highly recommend using Quinn Tech for a business or for homes too!"
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Need IT Support Services?

Does your PC take too long to boot? Or maybe it starts slowing down as you open more applications and files? It might be time to have your memory (RAM) upgraded or replaced. The more RAM your PC has, the more tasks it can handle at once. Upgrading your RAM is a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your machine.

Starting at Only $199.00* 

* Includes up to 2 hours of support. $87 trip charge applies outside 5 miles from 90401.

Spilled Something On Your Laptop or Device?

Don’t panic and don’t listen to anyone who mentions rice and stay calm.  When there’s liquid on or around your laptop is to turn it off and call to schedule a service and repair.

Flat Rate of Only $199.00*

* Includes up to 2 hours of support. $87 trip charge applies outside 5 miles from 90401.

Need to Repair a Device?

If you need any device repaired, we are offering a discounted price for up to 2 hours of IT Support. Plus, you you get a 1 extra hour of remote support. 

$250 $199.00* 

* Includes up to 2 hours of support. $87 trip charge applies outside 5 miles from 90401.


$ 199 Monthly
For up to 2 hours / month + Bonus!
  • Discounted from $250/mo for up to 2 hours of IT Support. Bonus of 1 additional hour that includes Remote Support. $87 Trip charge applies outside 5 miles from 90401.
  • 2 Users
  • Includes Up to 1 Monthly Virus Cleanup
  • Includes Up to 1 Visit
  • 20% Discount on All QTC Services


$ 495 Monthly
For up to 5 hours / month
  • Special of $495 is discounted price from $835 of up to 5 hrs of IT Support. Bonus of 2 hrs of Remote Support additional. Trip charge applies outside 5 miles from 90401.
  • 5 Users
  • 1 On-Site Visits / M


$ 997 Monthly
For up to 8 hours / month
  • Special of $997 is discounted price from $2,000 of up to 8 hrs of IT Support. Bonus of 8 hrs of Remote Support additional. Trip charge applies outside 5 miles from 90401.
  • Up 10 Users
  • FREE Trip Charge
  • Up To 4 On-Site Visits / M
  • 20% Discount on All QTC Services
Business PRO

Step 1: Don’t Panic and Don’t Listen to Anybody Who Mentions Rice The liquid landing on your laptop was an accident. Your frantic scramble to test if it still works, turn it back on, or get the liquid out without turning it off is on you. Your main job when there’s liquid all over your laptop is to turn it off.
Call to Schedule Service and Repair


Memory Upgrade

Boost your system's speed and responsiveness with a memory upgrade. We'll recommend and install the optimal RAM. Improve multitasking and application performance. Upgrade your memory for a smoother computing experience.

Data Recovery

Recover lost or inaccessible data from various devices. We employ advanced tools for successful file recovery. Don't lose critical information. Our data recovery experts specialize in retrieving lost or corrupted files.

Computer Repair & Upgrades

Expert computer repairs and strategic upgrades. Restore functionality and keep your systems up-to-date. Resolve PC problems and enhance performance. We provide diagnostics, hardware repairs, and system optimization.

Server Administration

Proactive server administration for optimal uptime and security. Maintain the heart of your network infrastructure." "Reliable server management for your peace of mind. We handle configuration, updates, and security of your critical servers.

Cloud Services & Cloud Backups

Secure and scalable cloud solutions for data storage and applications. Optimize accessibility and reduce hardware costs. "Enhance data protection and flexibility with cloud services. We implement and manage tailored cloud solutions.

Virus Removal

Comprehensive virus and malware removal to restore system security. We protect your data and devices. Eliminate cyber threats and optimize system health. Our experts provide thorough virus removal and security solutions.

Certified Refurbished Laptops For Sale

All Refurbished Computers are In Fair Condition and come with a 60 Day Warranty ** Including Labor and Parts. Warranty extended for 1 Year on Labor with One of the IT Support Monthly Service Packages with Quinn Tech Consulting


Lenovo Laptop T480s 14″ FHD Intel i5-8250U 256GB SSD 16GB Win 11 Pro – Fingerprint Lock



Lenovo Laptop T480s 14″ FHD 1.7GHz Intel i5-8350U 16GB 512GB



Lenovo Laptop T480s 14″ TOUCH Sceen Intel i5 8th Gen 8GB RAM 256GB Win 11 Pro



Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop i5 Dual Core! 16GB Ram! 512GB SSD



IT Support Services Near You

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Starting at only $199

We've are ready to help with any computer or device issue you may be having. We are focused on the highest customer service and in providing quality IT Support Services.

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Friendly Service, Every Time

Server Administration & Server Management

We have the best server administration & management services available in the industry. We secure, maintain and monitor your server with our most advanced features such as live monitoring, web monitoring, and security check.

Network Support & Online Connectivity

Your Online Connectivity is a priority.

Keeping your office computers, servers, network and online connection is crucial and the beating heart of your business

Quinn Tech Consulting is a business with IT, Technology & Network Support specialists that offers Local On-Site and Remote IT Support to your area to address common issues.

Desktop Repair Services

From Simple a Repair, to Complete Upgrade of Your Desktop,  Hard Drive Upgrade, SSD Upgrade, NVme Upgrade, RAM, Memory to Speed Your Desktop and Clean Malware and Virus Cleanup.

Laptop Repair Services

Need to Upgrade of Your Laptop just need a Simple Repair,   Hard Drive Upgrade, SSD Upgrade, NVme Upgrade, RAM, Memory to Speed Your Laptop and Clean Malware and Virus Cleanup?  Contact us with any questions.

Save 20% on QTC IT On-Going Services Protection a Total Tech Support Membership

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General Questions

We understand that multiple device issues can be frustrating. We do offer repair bundles, and we’ll work with you to create a package that addresses all your concerns effectively. Please get in touch [include contact info], and we’ll start by diagnosing the problems and recommending the best course of action, whether that’s individual repairs or a bundle.

Absolutely! We understand that DIY repairs can sometimes be tricky. Send your laptop in, and our technicians will carefully assess the situation. We’ll provide a diagnostic report and a detailed quote for completing the repair before proceeding with any work.

Yes, we stand behind our work. All repairs come with a 30 day warranty. If you encounter a problem related to the original repair within that timeframe, we’ll make it right at no additional cost to you.

Glass & LCD Replacement Service

Here are some key signs that indicate a potential LCD issue and the need for repair:

  • Cracks or Breaks: Obvious physical damage to the screen is a direct sign of LCD problems.
  • Dead Pixels or “Stuck” Pixels: Individual dots on the screen that stay black, white, or one color.
  • Lines or Discoloration: Vertical/horizontal lines, strange patches of color, or overall distorted colors/contrast.
  • Flickering or Dimming: Inconsistent backlight issues.
  • No Display: The device powers on but the screen remains black. This could be the LCD or other components, so a diagnosis is crucial.

It’s important to note that sometimes the touchscreen (digitizer) can be damaged independently of the LCD. Here’s how to tell:

  • Touchscreen doesn’t respond: If the picture looks fine but your touch inputs aren’t working, the digitizer could be the issue.

What to do:

If you see any of the above signs, it’s best to have your device assessed by a professional technician. We’ll perform a diagnostic test to confirm whether the LCD indeed needs repair or if there’s another issue at play.

In most cases involving extensive shattering, only the glass will need replacing. However, to be completely sure, please bring your iPhone in. We’ll do a quick assessment to identify if any additional repairs are needed and provide an accurate quote.

Yes, we offer a 30 day warranty on Screen & Glass Replacement Services. This warranty covers both parts and labor for issues stemming from the original repair service.

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Save 20% on QTC IT On-Going Services Protection a Total Tech Support Membership

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Printer For Sale

HP U28 28inch 4K HDR Monitor (Like New)


Networking, Wifi, LAN & Mesh Wireless Services

Professional network installation and troubleshooting. Establish a reliable foundation for your devices and data. Maximize your network's potential. We design, optimize, and troubleshoot wired and wireless networking solutions.

Printers Setup, Repair & Troubleshooting

Simplify printer setup and resolve issues fast. Get expert troubleshooting and repair services to keep your workflow moving. Professional printer setup and repair for hassle-free printing. We resolve issues across brands and models.

Hardware & Software Setup & Troubleshooting

From desktops to laptops, Microsoft Surfaces, Android Tablet, workstations, servers old and new. We provide repair, service, maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting services.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Increase storage capacity and improve system performance with a hard drive upgrade. Expert data transfer and setup. Faster system speeds and more space for your files. We perform seamless hard drive installations and upgrades.

Data Migration

Seamless data migration for new equipment or system upgrades. Minimize downtime and ensure data integrity. Smooth transitions with our expert data migration services. We facilitate secure data transfers between systems.

Devices,, Audio & Auxiliaries Setup

Get new devices up and running quickly. Professional setup for optimal configuration and compatibility. Hassle-free setup for your printers, computers, and devices. We handle configuration and integration.

Are you Experiencing Any of The Following Computer Repair Problems, Printer Problems or IT Support Issues?

Desktop Computer or Laptop Problem?

Need to Speed Up Your Computer?

PC Memory Upgrade?

PC Hard Drive Upgrade?

PC SSD Drive Upgrade?

PC Speed Upgrade?

PC Running Out of Space?

Desktop Memory Upgrade?

Desktop Hard Drive Upgrade?

Desktop SSD Drive Upgrade?

Desktop Speed Upgrade?

Desktop Running Out of Space?

Broken Laptop Screen?

Laptop Memory Upgrade?

Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade?

Laptop SSD Drive Upgrade?

Laptop Speed Upgrade?

Laptop Running Out of Space?

Office Computer Problems?

Need to Get Your Own Local IT Support?

Desktop Printer Troubleshooting?

Laptop Speed Upgrade?